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Kesign Design Consulting: my portfolio for Set Design and construction of scenery and non scenery in full size and miniature.
Slide Show - Jobs and Projects with Links Main View Screen Portfolio of my Set Design work.
K L Images: Art and Photographs for sale.
Slide Show - Photographs with links Universal Hartland: The first job I had in the Entertainment industry. We made great Visual Effects.
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About this Site buttons Information Humor Commentary Featured Subject Stories Articles Science Fun Facts Wisdom U. S. Mission Trail: A study of Spanish Missions in the United States.
Contact Kooking with Ken: Before I moved and lost my kitchen, I liked to cook.
Indicator: filling up space. Kooking with Ken: Before I moved and lost my kitchen, I liked to cook.
SLAPEC: Stop Los Angeles Parking Enforcement Corruption.
Indicator: filling up space. No Ad Here: A grass roots movement to reduce advertising.
Joy: My wife's web site.

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I hope that you find this web site helpful. It started as alight-hearted alternative to my portfolio site, and then grew. This web site is for your benefit and enjoyment and I make no profit on it. For ten years it has been supported primarily from my regular paycheck as a Set Designer and there haven't been many the last few years. I can no longer run it without help. Alternative funding is needed. Only recently I tried advertising as a way to balance the budget, but it still doesn't cover the costs. A non-tax deductable donation helps cover the cost of operating this web site and may be made to Kesign Design Consulting through PayPal.

Buy my Photographs or Art.
My Art

Or donations can be mailed to the address on the contact page.
If you are in the need of a designer, please see my portfolio site
Kesign Design Consulting
or Set Design Portfolio.


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