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Kenneth A. Larson has a quarter century of experience in design and construction of scenery for the Entertainment Industry and Theme Parks using Computer Aided and Traditional approaches to Design. Also experience in other areas of Design.
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Did I Marry a Space Alien?

An original story by Kenneth A. Larson
This story has nothing to do with my real wife.
Copyright © 2001 - 2013 , Kenneth A. Larson. All Rights Reserved.
Marriage can be difficult. Especially when you are married to a space alien. More of us are than most people realize. I began this story to help explain the strange things my own wife says and does. She must be from another planet, maybe Venus.

This story is still being written. Expect a chapter every two or three months. As the story is loosely based on a continuing true incident, the end has not yet been written.

Chapter One - V 1.5

Chapter Two - almost finished

Chapter Three - half finished

Chapter Four - quarter finished

Chapter Five - half finished

Chapter Six - outlined

Chapter Seven - half finished

Chapter Eight - almost finished

Chapter Nine - almost finished

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