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Kenneth A. Larson has a quarter century of experience in design and construction of scenery for the Entertainment Industry and Theme Parks using Computer Aided and Traditional approaches to Design. Also experience in other areas of Design.
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World War Three

No one knows when the war started. It snuck up on us. There were a few sneak attacks, but no one is sure when it really started.

There were three sides; Most of the World playing by conventional rules of war, a hand full of Unaligned Fanatics who broke every rule of conventional war, and the Sympathizers to the Unaligned Fanatics. There were also the Neutral Parties, but as in any war, they got hurt too.

The soldiers were quite different. Most were unsuspecting innocent civilians going about their daily peaceful lives, the un-uniformed Fanatics masquerading as innocent civilians or hiding in caves, and the Sympathizers watching TV and protesting. There were few or no women among the Unaligned Fanatics because they hated women and thought them little more than baby breading slaves.

There was great disparity in size of the armies of the two major players. Most of the World had billions of people. The Unaligned Fanatics were a few hundred to a few thousand - no one really knows. There were a billion of so Sympathizers and Neutral Parties.

The battlefield was the entire world. Most of the World was a target. The Unaligned Fanatics were hiding or sheltered by the Sympathizers. The Sympathizers said "We're innocent, stay out of our lands." The Neutral Parties also caught the fallout.

Most of the World tried to avoid even the enemy's civilian casualties. The Unaligned Fanatics targeted everyone's civilians. Most of the World cried when an innocent was hurt or killed, the Unaligned Fanatics and Sympathizers cheered. Most of the World did their best to differentiate between the Unaligned Fanatics and innocent people of the same faith. The Unaligned Fanatics hated everyone in Most of the World because they didn't like the government of Most of the World. The leader of Most of the World even protected the family of the leader of the Unaligned Fanatics who were living in Most of the World. The leader of the Unaligned Fanatics hated his family who lived among Most of the World. The Unaligned Fanatics didn't value anyone's life, including their own.

The goals were quite different. Most of the World wanted to preserve their freedom. The Unaligned Fanatics wanted everyone to live in oppression and terror. The Sympathizers wanted the Unaligned Fanatics to win, but then leave them alone. The Neutral Parties just wanted everyone to go away.

Most of the World stood tall and proud and filled with love and unity while the Unaligned Fanatics cowered in their scattered caves and hated everyone.

While Most of the World tried to negotiate peace, the Unaligned Fanatics pleaded innocents and threatened more violence.

The Unaligned Fanatics tried to convince the Sympathizers that it was a "Holy War" with Most of the World against their religion. Most of the World was not opposed to the religion that the Unaligned Fanatics falsely said they represented because that religion was in truth peaceful and was being misused by the Unaligned Fanatics. Most of the World even suspending fighting on the Holy Days of the faith professed by the Unaligned Fanatics. Most of the World only wanted the Unaligned Fanatics to stop attacking them.

The Sympathizer country that was protecting the Unaligned Fanatics was mostly populated by people who were oppressed and didn't want the Unaligned Fanatics in their land and didn't like their own rulers either. This is why when Most of the World finally began counter attacks, they did their best to avoid civilian casualties and began air drops of food and medicine to the civilians. The innocents killed by Most of the World trying to stop the Unaligned Fanatics were fewer than the innocents killed by the Unaligned Fanatics in the first big sneak attack.

Even though there were many people in Most of the World who believed that war should be avoided and every attempt should be made at a peaceful resolution, once the first reprisal attack began, even those wishing peace understood that the Unaligned Fanatics were so filled with hate and so dangerous, the world would not know peace again until every one of the Unaligned Fanatics and Sympathizers were dead.

When Most of the World finally retaliated, the leader of the Unaligned Fanatics finally admitted his roll in the sneak attacks a month earlier. He had the insanity to say that he would pull his people back to his protector country once Most of the World pulled out their troops - and Most of the World hadn't invaded yet. Most of the World was not attacking in revenge, it was a simple act of defense. The Unaligned Fanatics were promising to kill everyone, so Most of the World had no choice than to stop them.

The war ended when everyone was dead.

By Kenneth A. Larson
A fictional account, based on a true incident.

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